I took the postpartum series 10 weeks following an unplanned c-section having no idea what to expect. Not only did I learn how to strengthen my body in small, easy to learn steps, but I also received important reminders about taking care of the rest of me so I could take care of my baby. Dr. Hannah is so encouraging and takes all the intimidation out of the classes, no matter what experience you have in a gym. Six months later, when I was a bit more rested and a little less overwhelmed, I took the series again. It was amazing to see how far I had come. Also, I needed a repeat of those important reminders. This is an amazing resource for all moms!
— S.N., Cedar Rapids

It's all about you, Mama. 


About time, right? You need to "fill your cup" by caring for yourself in order to care for others. Whether your baby is in your future plans, a bun in the oven, or present and playful - we've got resources to keep moving, eating, and feeling well.

Here's the thing: you deserve to be taken care of, and you deserve to take care of yourself. It's hard, because everyone else needs you. But YOU need you, too.


Currently offering: postpartum rehabilitation and fitness, birth education and postpartum planning weekend workshops, and private consultations regarding all phases of the motherhood transition from preconception to postpartum in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection.

Classes in Cedar Rapids

Our April postpartum series is full but you can joint us next time, starting May 28th @ Rierson Fitness in Downtown Cedar Rapids, meeting for an hour on Tuesdays and Saturdays for 4 weeks. 

We'll also be offering a 4 week Postpartum Breath & Flow series Wednesday nights in August. 

Not the right timing, or looking for something else?

See our calendar for more events. 

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Online programming

What can you be doing now if to have a healthy pregnancy and baby in the future?

How can you start training for birth?

Want an online strength and conditioning program appropriate and safe for postpartum?

find these at BIRTHFIT HQ!

HIGHLY recommend birth fit to any mama out there! Such a great experience sad to see {my series} come to an end! Until next time ladies!”
— L.R.